Pipes by HOBAS technology


HOBAS pipes are made of fillers: quartz sand, calcium carbonate, binder - unsaturated polyester resins, as well as glass fiber, which plays the role of reinforcement, i.e. minerals that are not exposed to temperature changes from -50 to +60 ° C, or to aggressive media both inside the pipes and outside.

OOO "ASIA PIPEPLAST" produces pipes of standard length of 6 meters (-15/20 cm), with a diameter from 200 mm to 2400 mm. Pipe connected with flexible couplings FWC, which ensures complete tightness. Our production specializes in production of pipes, and also shaped products. Produced as standard fittings (elbows, tees, taps, crosspieces, adapters using steel components) and non-standard (wells, mines, tanks for drinking water, sewage and wastewater systems) all types of products. The pipe can be used as a frame casing. High resistance to ultraviolet radiation means no problems with overhead installation.

The pipes have high static resistance and chemical resistance. Standard pipes have a nominal stiffness OF SN 5 000 and 10 000 N / m2, which allows pipe laying depending on the soil and transport load at a depth of 6 meters with non-standard solutions of more than 6 meters.

There is a possibility of production of pipes of high hardness up to 1 000 000 N/m2. When water hammer on the routes of water pipelines, pipes LLC "ASIA PIPEPLAST" have a 4-fold margin of safety relative to the operating pressure, which allows operation with a short-term excess pressure.

Replacement of sections in case of accidents or connections to the pipeline line of ASIA PIPEPLAST LLC is performed by various methods:

lamination of the damage area;
replacing it with a new site using couplings and / or fittings.